What’s New

The credit union’s mission is to provide financial solutions to everyday challenges and improve the financial well-being of our members and communities.

Here are some examples to illustrate how we are working to fulfill our mission:

  • In January of 2019, we launched our new Rise Rewards program designed to provide even greater value and benefits to ALL members.  By now, you should have seen these benefits on your statements.
  • In January of last year (2018), we eliminated about 90% of our service fees. That’s right! Gone!  No more!  And now we have just a few.
  • Check out our HELOC rates and terms. They may just be the best in the market!!!
  • We continue to offer our free, credit checkup service, in which we help you understand your report (not just the credit score) and make sure there are no errors.   We then work with you to clean up any errors, identify ways to improve your credit score and help lower your costs of borrowing.  Lowering your interest rate and reducing your loan term can save you a lot of money, get you out of debt faster and help you achieve peace of mind.
  • Construction on our new office in Huntingdon should begin in mid-2019 and we hope to be moved in early 2020.  Look for a grand opening celebration early in 2020!
  • Check out our “Feel Good Friday” postings on Facebook to see a small sampling of real-life situations where we have made a difference with our members.  These are examples of things we do every day!